Wardrobe malfunction

All this First Crappy Draft editing has got me looking at other areas of my life that could do with a bit of a going-over.  The most obvious place to start is my wardrobe.  You can blame Pinterest, in particular those Pins from people who use POLYVORE to create outfits.

(I’ve had a quick look at Polyvore but I can’t quite get my head around it… basically you find online images of clothes you like and group them together to create an outfit or a mock-up of a page out of a fashion magazine.  I got a bit overwhelmed by it all, because I’m not 21 years old anymore, but I’m happy to rePin other people’s creations if they fit with my personal preferences…)

I keep rePinning similar things, which may or may not suggest that I am starting to develop a Signature Style.

Oh yes, I just wrote that.

Navy and grey?

More navy…

Grey, this time with green accessories…

Grey and a splash of hot pink…


I like grey.  I like grey clothes, and I like grey furnishings.  Our sofa is grey.  My hair is grey.  Wait, no it isn’t.  But it will be, one day, and I want to be ready for it with a coordinating wardrobe.

I also like navy blue.  And I love red.  And I love green.  And plum.

I might need some help.

I’m going to ask for a Wardrobe Audit + Shopping Date for my next birthday.

Though to be honest, I could do the audit bit myself, if I was really brutal about it.  Get rid of everything I don’t wear. Even the green trench coat that I bought a couple of winters ago that I absolutely love love loved in the shop… I barely ever wear it.

I think I need to pick a few colours and stick to those.  Maybe I need to stick to a couple of basic colours (grey, navy and white) and then use red and green to brighten things up.

Yes, that seems sensible.

Maybe I’ll chuck out everything in my wardrobe that isn’t grey, navy or white and start over?  Except I’ll keep my red winter coat.  And a couple of Marimekko Stripey Tshirts.  And the dress I bought for my 40th.

Hmm… this could be interesting.  Maybe not interesting enough to blog about or even talk out loud about but it is certainly something I can work on when I’m procrastinating on my novel.

*I was going to call this post “completely vacuous nonsense about clothes”.

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