Stuck in traffic

Someone I know is stuck in traffic, so to speak, for the next few weeks and so in order to help the time pass and save her from certain Death By Boredom I am going to try a bit harder to blog daily, and make it interesting.  Let’s start with this.

Are you on Pinterest?

It took me a little while to get the hang of it but I can finally say with absolute certainty that I’m completely addicted.  It’s a way of sharing images (of ANYTHING) that you see on the Internet and want to show other people.  You see something, then you ‘pin it’ to your ‘board’.  Other people can see your board, and you can see other people’s boards.  Your board can be divided up into several different boards according to themes or subjects.  You can make it private or public.  And you can use the search feature to find things that have been pinned to other people’s boards.  For example, my friend Clare is searching for a pendant light for her new house, so I searched Pinterest for that:

When you pin something onto your board, the source of the item is automatically recorded, so if Clare likes the look of any of those pendants, she can click on the link and see where to buy it from.

This website is quite brilliant, if you happen to have hours and hours to while away.

To join, you need to be invited by a current member.  I was invited by a friend, and now I can invite you!  If you want to sign up, say so in the Comments and I’ll email you an invite.

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