Good champagne

This afternoon my dear friend Vanessa came over for a cup of coffee and a catch-up, and somewhere in there we talked about my book and how I’ve been telling the story and ohmygoodness I think I’ve decided to do a substantial re-write.  She has inspired me to take a slightly different approach, one that I had considered earlier but dismissed as a bit too superfluous-sub-plot-ish but she reckons (and I agree) that it would actually add a lot to the story.

I was just telling PJ about it, over a glass of champagne, and I suddenly made one of those connections, those little discoveries or realisations or breakthroughs where you figure out the answer.  I’ve got it!  Now I know how I’m going to structure it in this new and improved way.  Yay!  Pour me another glass!

It’s going to require some serious re-doing.  I won’t need to delete very much, but there’s an awful lot to be added.  But I’m very excited to embark on the make-over.

Meanwhile, I’m adding my mother in law and my BFF Mel to my list of people who have read the manuscript as-is and think it’s terrific.  I can’t tell you, internet, how wonderful it is to be getting all this great feedback.  Because even if I eventually give it to someone in the publishing industry and they tell me it’s actually crap, I won’t care so much because the people who matter to me think it’s alright.

And what do publishers know, anyway?  How many of them rejected the Harry Potter books?  I rest my case.

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