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My friend Karen B is the personfication of your collective frustration at my lack of blogging… she berates me, with the cheekiest laugh, every time she sees me.  Blog more! Write more! I miss you!

She’s lovely, she’s completely sincere, and she is who I think of and feel most guilty about when I know it’s been days since I wrote anything useful.  The poor woman must be so bored at work.

I have had a nasty cold this week.  I think it was hayfever, run amok.  I’m on the mend, but it has had quite the impact on my productivity this week.  As you can see.

We have a houseguest for the forseeable future.  Her name is Katherine, she is PJ’s mother’s brother’s second eldest daughter.  She is 26 years old and Madeleine and Ella adore her.  I love her because the other morning I came out to find she had done all the dishes from the night before.  She is in Australia on a 1, possibly 2-year working visa and has come to Canberra in search of work and to play with the puppies.

She’s going to do some side-trips to Melbourne and other Far More Interesting Places but for now, she’s here, and it’s fun having her around.

I bought some raw materials and I’m going to make a prototype for my Top Secret project.  I need some glue and a sewing machine and probably a glass of wine.

Puppy’s first bath.  Sorry about the focus in the first picture, I think I was just too overcome with emotion to get the camera ready for the shot.

The second one is better, with a bit of obvious post-processing from PJ.

You cannot be serious.

This weekend PJ is taking Katherine and our girls to the coast to see the whales.  I’m going to stay in town with the puppies and have a combined 40th birthday party/weekend with several of my dearest girlfriends.  There will be much champagne-cork-popping and late-night-giggling.  And shaking of heads, as in I can’t believe we’re all 40… remember being 6? 12? 21? 30? Yeah, me too…

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