Here we go again

I sincerely, honestly thought I’d have my book – the one with the working title of ‘Plan C’ – done and dusted by now.  I really, really thought I would.

But life got in the way, things happened, we moved house, I turned 40 and well, you know, there’s that whole lazy-gene I am constantly battling.

But I’m fired up for NaNoWriMo this year (National Novel Writing Month, if you’re new around here) and this November I am going to attempt to write the next 50,000 words of that very same story.  And FINISH it, goddammit.

If you were with me last year and would like to help me out again this year (oh please oh please oh please) then you’re going to need the PASSWORD to access the Top Secret First Crappy Draft File.  It’s been a while since you’ve been able to read the first 50K words and you might want to refresh your memory, in which case you will need the password.  Leave a comment, making sure you fill your email address in where it asks for it (email addresses aren’t published), and I’ll send you the password.

If you weren’t with me last year but you’re curious this year and would like to help out, leave me a comment.Here are the rules/guidelines for helping out:

1.  You must send encouraging emails at every opportunity.  Try not to use the f-word but it’s quite acceptable to tell me to hurry the heck up if you’re worried I’m taking too long.

2.  You must provide feedback.  This could be anything from ‘did you know you called that waitress character Sue in chapter 14 and then you called her Matilda in chapter 21?’ to ‘I really loved the way you described the cute guy in the nightclub’s arse.’  All feedback is helpful, and appreciated.  But again, be nice, and no f-words.  Feedback is especially welcome in the comments, so you can all see what each other is saying and discuss plot points and character development.  That was really fun last year, watching you all TALKING ABOUT ME LIKE I WASN’T EVEN THERE.

3.  You must not share the password with anyone.  At all.  Ever.

4.  You can send me chocolate to Trish Smith PO Box 1234 Dickson ACT 2602.  Jaffas are my favourite.

5.  The nicest most supportive and wonderful helpers get characters named after them.  Yay!

So, who’s with me?? Anyone??

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