Piccolo Puppies

My friend Kate came around today to meet the puppies and request more photos of the puppies on the blog, please.  Oh, okay then.

That’s Saffy on the left with the big white tip on her tail.  Darcy, out of focus in the foreground, is slightly bigger, slightly darker and has only a little bit of a white tip on her tail.  The thing under Saffy’s eye, I’m sorry to say, is just dirt.  We gave them a bath tonight, on account of them smelling like dogs.  Dogs who had just spent half an hour chewing lamb bones that had been thoughtfully split open lengthwise in order to access the marrow, which ended up all over both of their faces and all of their paws.

Anyway, moving on…

Kate asked how much they weighed and since I didn’t know we got out the kitchen scales.  Turns out Darcy’s got about 300gm on Saffy which, when you only weigh a bit over 1.5kgs is quite a lot.

Just for the record, I’ve got a squillion pictures of them on both cameras but I’m having technical issues tonight (meaning I have no idea what I’m doing and PJ isn’t able to help because he’s got More Important Things To Do if you can believe that).  As soon as I get them ready, I’ll post them.  Including… are you sitting down?  A picture of Saffy looking NOT VERY IMPRESSED at being given a bath.  They’re so cute when they’re cranky.

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