Here’s a thought.

Information is valuable, right?  Those who have the information, have the power.  But those who have the information also have some control over the value of the information, and in this age of social media and instant feedback it’s easier to put a figure on that value.

If you’re a gossip, do you believe that the information you have is more valuable if you share it with fewer people, or more valuable if you share it with lots of people?  If everyone knows, does it lose its value?

But what if you have sent around a little tidbit of information and it gets blogged and facebooked and retweeted a million times?  Does that mean it’s more valuable because everyone now knows, or are you more valuable because you disseminated it to so many?   There will be an e-paper trail back to you as the Source of the gossip, and all of a sudden your value has gone up.  People will start listening to you more, because you’re a good Source.

But people might start talking to you less, because you are indiscreet.

I have no idea where this thought came from.

It came to me when I was sitting in my favourite coffee shop and all around me people were focussed on their iPads and iPhones and laptops.

(When did it become normal to go to a cafe and sit opposite another human being but not actually engage in a conversation with them?  Why come to a coffee shop with a friend if you’re both going to sit at a table for two and ignore each other in favour of a small screen?)

And it occurred to me that the cafe, despite being choc-full of people, was almost devoid of conversation.  Most people were not talking; they were reading the newspapers or their iThings.  A few people in the queue were talking amongst themselves, and the baristas were chatting, so it wasn’t completely silent.  But there were a lot of people NOT talking to each other and that seemed wierd.

Also, why is it that so many people, when backing their cars out of car spaces in carparks, have no sense of how big their cars are?  Do they not remember how much room they had when they were driving INTO the space, and therefore how much they would have when they backed out?  Why is it that reversing out of a car space suddenly gives them the sense that they are driving a stretch limousine and they have perform a three point turn in order to back out of the space?


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