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So you already know I’ve failed to manage the blog-per-day.  And there have been no new chapters in the novel.  And I haven’t made it to a Pilates class yet.


I have stuck to the Dr Joshi diet – no alcohol, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy and no coffee for eight days so far.  I had a killer headache on days three and four but this passed.  I have eaten a lot of fish and chicken and leafy greens.

I have been doing the Pilates “hundred” every night before going to bed and, dare I say it, my tummy muscles are starting to wake up.

I have been to the chiropractor and he has fixed my big toe.  Tracey was right, it was dislocated.  One of PJ’s friends, Pete, is a Chiropractor, and I went to see him on Monday afternoon.  He showed me the foot on the one-eyed skeleton he has in his office and pointed out the bones in the big toe, and told me how they slip out of alignment quite easily when you put the wrong kind of pressure on the joint, and how mine now have scar tissue around them which would need to be broken down.  I kept expecting him to just yank on the toe and click it back into place, and that this action would KILL ME.  So I was very nervous as he massaged and twisted and applied pressure.  And I totally believed him when he told me I’d need to put my foot inside a Spanish Inquisition-style wooden vice-like contraption because, you know, I was still waiting for the inevitable moment where something would need to be cracked, and that sucker looked like it could crack skulls let alone metatarsals.  Chiropractor humour.  Funny, haha.

He had a thing called a Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Board (I love the internet) and he rubbed this along the top of my foot, which was reasonably uncomfortable.  Right at the start Pete told me that he is immune to his patients’ cries of pain and misery.  I already knew this, in fact I had heard that if you start wimpering that just encourages him.  So I tried to ignore the feeling of having this sharp edge run up and down the top of my foot, grinding the scar tissue away.

But when I say “reasonably uncomfortable” I mean “remarkably unpleasant”.

I was all set to go for a long walk this afternoon when I got a phone call from a friend in dire need so I abandoned the Lake and went to see her instead.  I’ll go for a walk tomorrow, I promise.

On Saturday morning I’m joining Pete the Chiropractor’s Learn to Run (Barefoot) Clinic, and in another month he’s going to start a weekly running session.  If my foot really is healed, I should be all set for serious training, which I’m really excited about.  I want to run!

So that’s Week One.  By the end of Week Two I hope to notice a bit more of an improvement in my general feeling of well-being; at the moment I’m still perpetually hungry, which makes me a bit grumpy.  But I’m optimistic that the worst of the Detox is behind me.

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