Rant 2.0

Do you remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about being asked to prepare gluten-free food for a group of kids at my daughter’s extra-curricular activity?  And I spent a small fortune on gluten-free brownie mix only to have the entire thing returned, uneaten?  Let alone the time spent preparing all this allergy-free food?

Well, it was my turn again this week, and at the last minute I decided to ignore the instructions AND to not make anything from scratch.  I went to Woolworths and bought a packet of Lamington fingers, a couple of dozen mini croissants (I split them open and spread them with nutella), one packet of gluten free crackers (they were on special, so I relented) and a tub of hummus.

I took the plates into the kitchen and chatted with the woman who authored the email and who supervises the morning tea break.  I told her that I didn’t bother making gluten free brownies this time because last time they had come back, untouched.  And do you know what she said?

“Yes, well, sometimes she’s naughty and she just eats the regular food.”


Did you think, when you read that, that perhaps the “naughty” girl was HER daughter?

Yeah, me too.

Fantasy Response:

“So, you have a kid who is not actually critically allergic to gluten and coconut and nuts and preservative number 200, but you have all the other parents run around making allergy-free foods for her because, what, it makes you feel special to be the parent of a child who requires that much extra attention from everybody else?  Why don’t you just dye her hair blue and we can pay her some attention that doesn’t actually cost us anything in time and money?”

Actual Response:

“So there’s just one kid with allergies?” (I looked as incredulous and annoyed as I possibly could.  Which is VERY.)  She was quite flustered.  “Oh, no, well, there are a couple of kids with allergies, in the other groups, so when they all get together for morning tea, well, we like to have a variety of allergy-free foods for them.”

I don’t actually give a flying f*ck about the kids in the other groups.  I was asked to provide morning tea for the kids in my daughter’s group who have allergies, and it would appear that there is actually just one child, and I would bet ten packets of gluten-free brownie mix that the child in question is hers.

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