New Me

Two weeks into the Dr Joshi diet and I’m feeling really positive.  I’m sleeping more soundly than I have before.  I’m not sure what that statement means, exactly.  It’s not like I was tossing and turning all night before I attempted the detox, but I am certainly waking up feeling a bit ‘fresher.’  This may be due to the complete absence of caffeine in my life.  And alcohol.

Speaking of alcohol, something inspired me to pour myself a half-glass of pinot noir just now – something about the end of a long day, dinner bubbling away on the stove, the cooler evenings.  But it’s sitting here on my desk, and I’ve taken one sip, and I can feel it, like I’ve had a sip of something that isn’t good for me.  I can’t believe I just said that about pinot noir.  What’s happening to me?

The other day I made a cup of weak, milky tea for one of the kids, and the cup was a bit full so I took a couple of mouthfulls off the top of it and I could feel the milk – it was heavy and rich.  For afternoon tea today the girls had choc-chip muffins and even though I was quite hungry I could feel my body saying ‘I really don’t fancy a choc-chip muffin right now.’   I had no desire whatsoever to stuff my face with chocolate.

Two weeks on this detox and my body is telling me things, quite clearly.  I don’t need coffee.  I don’t need processed sugary fatty cakes with chocolate in them.  Wine tastes nice, but if I finish this half-glass I’m going to feel pretty crappy in the morning.

I went to my first ‘boot camp’ on Friday morning and it was fantastic.  The next morning at 8am I was down at the lake learning how to run according to the principles of ‘barefoot running.’  That felt amazing, too.  The rest of the weekend I was quite sore (very tight calf muscles and sore arches) but I’ve been walking this week and I can feel the muscles recalibrating themselves, ready for the next session.

Wow – I’ve seriously had two sips of that wine and my head is swimming.

Today I bought a pair of running pants – you know the kind, they’re skin-tight, ‘compression’ pants, worn by a lot of runners in this city because it’s so chilly, and because we all have such hilariously pasty white legs.  At boot camp and then at barefoot I was wearing regular tracky-daks and they kept falling down.  These new fancy pants cost $125 which means I need to go for a run every other day for the next eight months to get the cost-per-wear down to a respectable level.  But at least they’ll stay up.

And I know that this detox was never about trying to lose weight – it still isn’t – but I have to say I’m pretty chuffed to have dropped a couple of kilos.  My jeans fit better and I’ve lost half a chin.

Yep, I’m not having any more of that wine.  PJ can finish it off for me.

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