Mini mud cakes

After making four and a half sheet cakes, I used a small round cookie-cutter (might actually have been a Scone Cutter) to cut as many little round cakes as I could.  Ella was helping me count them and there were either 189 or 208, we can’t remember.  I had five large square platters, on loan from the catering company that was making the canapes, and I put 25 little cakes on each tray, then put the rest on baking trays for the catering staff to top-up the serving trays during the evening.

Some were iced, some were iced and sprinkled with shredded coconut, and some were not iced but were dusted with icing sugar.  Here’s how it all looked, photos courtesy of Ella with my iPhone camera.  I was COATED in chocolate icing so not game to get the DSLR out.

All the cakes, prior to icing.  Their little tops were varying degrees of fudginess – the cakes cut from the centre of the sheet cake were a bit gooey-er than the ones on the edges.

I made the icing in this saucepan.  I melted an insane amount of butter, mixed in some cocoa, then a 1kg bag of icing sugar.

I thought about putting the icing into a jug and just pouring over the whole lot.  But in the end, sanity prevailed and I spooned about a dessert spoon of icing on top of each cake and allowed the excess to run down the sides and drip onto the Sydney Morning Herald Motoring Section underneath.

Sprinkling on the coconut while the icing was still soft and sticky.

Aren’t they pretty?

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted the one big cake in the background of one of the shots; this is the cake that came out with candles on it for the Birthday Boy to blow out.  I iced it and sprinkled it with coconut, so the little cakes were miniature replicas of that one.  Because I want to be Martha Stewart when I grow up.

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