Injury time

(I just wrote a whole post about how our bag went missing on our return flight to Canberra from the Gold Coast but it was boring and anyway, if you read my Twitter feed you already know how it ends.)

So instead I’m going to enthrall you with my Grand Plan for the next 61 days.  Today is April 25th.  I turn 40 on June 25th.  I have used up all the months that I had to get myself Fit & Fabulous By 40 and we are Down To The Wire.  We are at DefCON 5.  Orange Alert.  The final whistle has blown and we are in Injury Time, people!  If I don’t start something at dawn tomorrow I will arrive at my 40th unnecessarily preoccupied with dismay and disappointment-in-myself the likes of which you have never seen.

Seriously, I’ve been meaning to get back into my Pilates gear since about 2007.  It’s time.

The other day on Twitter I announced that I was going to embark on the Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed World Famous Dr Joshi Holistic 21-Day Detox and one lovely friend immediately told me I am fine the way I am and I am not overweight and I shouldn’t torture myself.  But as I told her, I’m not doing this to lose weight.

Yes, I am going to lose weight as a result of this diet (how can I not? I’ll be giving up gin for starters) but this is not my reason for going on it.  The last time I went on this particular detox the most remarkable change was in my energy levels.  I woke up without the alarm clock at 6am every morning and immediately started leaping tall buildings in single bounds.  I had energy for everything.  I slept extremely well.  I was calm and relaxed and focussed.  My skin glowed.  My eyes sparkled.  My bloated tummy was suddenly unbloated.  These are the reasons I am doing it.  And yes, alright, the 5kgs I’m likely to lose will not be missed, especially as I go shopping for the Perfect Party Frock for my 40th.

So here’s The Plan:


As far as is practical, I am going to stick to a wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free regime.  No more wine. No more gin & tonics.  No more enormous slabs of Italian bread with big chunks of cheddar cheese.  No more Lindt balls.  No more bacon.  I’m also giving up red meat, baked beans, potatoes, tomatoes, avocadoes, shellfish, tomato sauce, vinegar, mustard, vegemite, milk and did I mention wine?

Instead, I will be eating more brown rice, dark green veggies, eggs, salmon, vegetable soup, fresh vegetable juices, gluten-free cereals and breads, goats’ cheese, ricotta cheese, honey, live yoghurt, lentils, chick peas (hummus!), salads and steamed vegetables, soy milk, rice milk, goats milk and white meat (chicken & turkey).


Monday:  Pilates at home on the lounge room floor using one of several Pilates DVDs I have purchased over the past few years OR play a WiiFit game (about one hour)

Tuesday:  Walk up Mt Ainslie (about one hour)

Wednesday:  Pilates class (ride to class on my bike) (about an hour and a half)

Thursday:  Yoga class – brisk walk to class, taking the longer, scenic route (one hour)

Friday:  Personal Trainer* (1 hour that will feel like five).

Saturday: rest day OR bike ride with the kids.

Sunday: long bike ride and/or walk around the Lake or up Mount Ainslie (one hour)

Every Day: A Pilates exercise called ‘the hundred’ – strengthens the core, which is essential for effective and safe Pilates.  (2 mins)

* PJ and I are joining a couple of friends in a group class.

– I have a couple of exercise buddies who have permission to flog me senseless if I miss a session of anything.

– My new bike will be here by the end of April, apparently.  In the meantime my new friend and bike aficionado, Libby, has loaned me one to use.  Thanks Libby!


I am going to try to write for at least one hour every day, and I will schedule that hour as though it’s an important appointment I have to keep.   You know, like a job.  Sometimes a whole chapter will pour out of me, but I occasionally suffer from paralysing writer’s block so I’m going to keep my expectations reasonable.  As long as I’m going to be this self-disciplined for 61 days I might as well direct some of that towards my First Draft.  If I can finish the First Draft by June 25th I will be immeasurably happy.


I will try to maintain my blog-per-day average.  The ‘eat’ posts should be, um, interesting.  Hummus recipes, anyone?


I’ll use Twitter to write about my progress.  I’m sure I can sum up each days’ progress in 140 characters or less.

So that’s that.  I know it’s an ambitious plan, but I owe it to myself to take it seriously.  I actually can’t believe I’ve come this close to my 40th birthday without starting up with Pilates again – I’ve been promising to do at least that for several years.  As for the detox – it’s a 21-day detox, followed by ‘maintenance.’  For me, ‘maintenance’ is probably going to mean being as close to wheat-free and sugar-free as I reasonably can.  I’m not going to ask for special meals at restaurants, and I’m not going to turn down a gin and tonic after a hard day or a glass of wine with dinner.  But I do know that I will feel so, so, so much better if I stick to this way of living, that I will be unlikely to slip back into my bad habits.  I’ll be 50 in 10 years and 61 days.  I want to feel no different on that birthday than I’m hoping to feel on my 40th.  In fact, I want to feel better.

PS. I’m having one last G&T and I just ate my one and only chocolate Easter treat (a Lindt bunny).  Going out with a bang…

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